LED street lights

Smart solutions for public lighting

Sodium and mercury lamps currently widely spread in public lighting systems imply high costs of energy, maintenance, replacement and waste disposal. They are characterized by decreasing light quality (flickering light, light blur, degradation of electrical, optical and thermal characteristics) and no possibility of light control. Moreover, they are accountable for high emissions of carbon-dioxide.

G-SolarLed offers complete support in replacement of existing street lighting with new generation of LED lighting of premium light characteristics. Long service life and possibility of lighting control enable efficient lighting system management and cost savings. Due to their characteristics G-SolarLed street lights have positive impact on traffic safety and overall appearance of environment.

Beside savings made due to lower energy consumption, public lighting has the possibility of solar boards installation for additional savings through use of renewable energy. By implementing advanced and ecologically acceptable technology, local communities have possibility to achieve significant savings and transfer their incomes to other areas of community development.


LED street light


Mini LED street light


LED street light


LED street light


LED street light


LED street light


LED street light


LED street light


LED parking/street light

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