LED lighting for green cities

lyonFollowing a large-scale project called the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab, launched in September 2014, the city of Copenhagen plans to install over 20.000 new smart street lights, as part of its goal to become carbon neutral by 2025.

Located in an industrial park in the suburb of Albertslund, the experimental open air laboratory provides a space for companies to test a variety of new street lighting technologies. It is hoped that one of these designs could be selected by the city to transform the streets of Copenhagen. Each lighting solution will be provided with its own IP address for close monitoring. The city will be able to assess different street light solutions that can track traffic, air quality, noise, weather conditions, UV radiation and other environmental factors.

Copenhagen was awarded the title of European Green Capital 2014 for its achievements, notably in terms of eco-innovation and sustainable mobility, and its commitment to act as a role model for the green economy, in Europe and beyond. The European Green Capital Award represents recognition of efforts to make cities more pleasant places to live and work.

G-SolarLed solutions tend to develop similar concept by influencing quality of public lighting within local communities. The use of ecologically more acceptable sources of light results with several long-term benefits: higher light quality influences elimination of light pollution through lower emissions of carbon-dioxide, enhances traffic safety and enables significant savings in setting-up and maintaining the public lightning system and costs of energy consumption. Different types of application and rated power satisfy a wide range of needs within public lighting system.