GSL511A tripod LED emergency floodlight

200 W


Outdoor construction, rush repair, rescues and disaster relief at night in following fields:

  • Railway
  • Electric power plant
  • Petroleum and petrochemical
  • Fire fighting
  • Military and police
  • Earthquake and water flood
  • Public works and road traffic


High efficiency and energy saving
  • Adopted high power led as light source can save 40% energy than that of traditional HID
  • Equipped with 40 Ah lithium  iron phosphate battery box as emergency power source, whose lifespan is more than 1500 cycles which is 3 times than that of cobalt acid lithium battery
Safety and reliability
  • Safe and reliable battery as power source without fire and explosion
  • Intelligent IC adopted in emergency battery to monitor the voltage, current and capacity of each cell to equalize cells and avoid over-charging and over-discharging
Convenience and laborsaving
  • Charger is built in emergency battery box and battery can be charged directly in 230 V power source to meet the outdoor illumination requirements
  • Two lamps are controlled by two independent switches and emergency battery box can be connected by quick water-proof joints easily
  • Can be adjusted 180°vertically and 360°horizontally  respectively for omnidirectional illumination
Health and environmental protection
  • Produces no noise or pollution, does not disturb ambient residents and environment





Light source Bridgelux LED chip, 70 pcs.
Color rendering index (CRI) 75 Ra
Color temperature (CCT) 5500-6500 K
Luminous flux 16.000 lm
Rated power 2 * 100 W
Battery 25.6 V, 40 Ah rechargeable lithium iron phosphate;
double protection circuit for short-circuit, over-current, overcharging and over discharging;
balance circuit design for consistent charge and discharge
Battery rated voltage  25.6 V
Battery rated capacity  40 Ah
Operational period 50.000 h
Operational period/cycle 1.500 h
Charging time 24 h
Continuous discharging time 5 h (two lamps) /10 h (single lamp)
Switch 2 independent switches for control of 2 lamps
Housing material Aluminum
Optical cover material Tempered glass
Color Black
IP protection IP65
Accessories 1 connecting wire for charging of battery box
1 metal box for 2 lamps
1 canvas bag for tripd
Weight  23 kg (lamps 7 kg, tripod 2 kg, battery box 14 kg)

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